Jacob Boglio (b.1994) lives and works in Chicago, IL. Working at the intersection of painting and sculpture; utilizing reclaimed materials as a catalyst to question the givenness of class-status and to reconstruct viewers’ perspectives of the often-marginalized working class. Through sculptural installations, ephemera of working-class-life are reconfigured within the contrasting space of the gallery—a setting that is often associated with moneyed privilege. The works embody this discomfort, balancing fragility against the weight of their materiality—unvarnished welds, imperfect casts, and crumpled lottery tickets. Alongside this strain and tension, the works also assert themselves as elegant or ‘elevated’ artforms; blurring the boundaries and connotations of class status. 
Jacob Boglio graduated Trinity Christian College in 2018, with a BA in graphic design and BFA in studio Art. As well as the first Post-Baccalaureate fellow at Trinity Christian College's Art & Design Department in 2019. His work has been included in private collections, and group/solo exhibitions.